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The Best Eco Product you don't know about....

But Should be Selling to your Customers

3 Reasons Why you need to sell Knot My Bag

Convenient,  Cool, & Eco-Friendly Product

Made of organic cotton and natural dyes,  we are making sure we minimize our carbon footprint, while offering a useful, long lasting product that will help the user reduce their impact on the planet.   Plus they are versatile, pack up small and carry big loads (up to 30 pounds.). Plus, they look cool.

Broad Customer Appeal

Every person that enters your store will leave with a bag.  Most of those people are aware of the environmental effects of single use plastic, especially younger more eco-conscious shoppers.  Help them help the world by offering these eco-friendly, reuseable bags near check out.

Become an advocate for Clean Oceans

Almost all single use bags end up polluting our oceans, killing marine life and effecting our food supply.  Every person uses approximately  300 bags per year.  These quality bags will last for years and every one will help save the world.


Most new products hitting the stores are the inspiration of a tech genius feverishly working over a computer.  KNOT MY BAG is the product of memory.   When I was a child, growing up in Chicago, it seemed that every grandma had two things in the bottom of her purse, a folding plastic rain bonnet and a string shopping bag.  As she walked from store to store, her purchased were placed in the bag that she carried on her arm.  

Time marched on and the "old fashioned" bags disappeared.   Our mothers drove to supermarkets and the trunks were filled with paper sacks of groceries.  By the time I was on my own, the ubiquitous Single Use Plastic Bag was going to save the world by saving trees.

Now here I am, at the age my grandmother probably was when I remember her and her string shopping bag.  And like most of us--I had a moment of epiphany.   Grandma was doing it right 50 years ago. 

It took us some time to find the right product, the right manufacturers and put together the right group of products, but I think there's a lot of grandmas looking down at us and smiling.

kmb 160s shopping bag.jpg

Disclaimer:   This is certainly not my Grandma, this is not even my mom, and it isn't even me doing a "retro" thing.  And it is not our bag,   Ours are made of a much higher quality net with a tighter weave to secure your items.  But I had to share!

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